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Powered by Tubular Technology

SUNLIGHT SYSTEMS designs the power TUBULAR power cells with state-of-the-art production equipment and top quality materials that offer superior performance, excellent reliability and long service life. Our range of SUNLIGHT motive power cells are fully compliant with DIN/EN 60254-2 standards and are available both in DIN and BS dimensions, ensuring full compatibility and flexibility in all battery applications.

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The benefits of SUNLIGHT tubular technology

  • high performance, reliability and long service life
  • Higher energy density due to excellent use of the active mass
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Reduction of the corrosion rate
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • high quality raw materials and components
  • Improved resistance to acid stratification
  • Alloy with optimized Sb (antimony) rates
  • Extended cycle life
  • Recyclable

Features of the SUNLIGHT tubular technology in the PzS (DIN) range, PzB (BS): Positive tubular plate

  • Excellent interface with active mass
  • Higher power density
  • Superior tensile and corrosion resistance

Positive active mass

  • Efficient formation ensures that full cell capacity is achieved after 3-5 cycles
  • Uniformly filled positive plates, 100% weight controlled
  • Constant quality, homogeneous tamped density
  • Long service life, high conductivity, increased performance


  • Prevents mass shedding, high mechanical stability

Bottom bar

  • Provides space for unavoidable growth of the spine

 Negative grid

  • High tensile strength, corrosion resistance, low water consumption

Negative active mass

  • Constant quality
  • Consistency of the Negative Active Mas


  • Increased performance preventing short-circuits

Formation & Activation

  • Constant quality in each and every cell


  • Long life performance

Pole Terminal

  • Uses the unavoidable growth of the plates to press against the grommet and improve the sealing

  Pole Bridge

  • Consistent & uniform composition ensures superior connections


  • Polypropylene reinforced lid thermo-welded to the container in black or grey color

 Cell Container

  • Polypropylene tray, with sufficient sediment space

  Operational Vent Plug

  •  No need to remove vent cap–flip and fill
  • Installs with 1/4 turn Snap lock lid

  Bolted connector

  • Fully insulated flexible bolt-on cable connectors
  • Allows fast and easy cell replacement
  • Reduces time & cost


  • Plastic-Head Connector bolt
  • Touch proof insulated with voltage measurement point

  Features of the complete battery

  • Available in every voltage and cell arrangement configuration
  • Fully plastic coated steel containers in many dimensions
  • Insulated bolts and connectors increasing the user safety and simplifying maintenance and repair
  • Battery connectors (male and female outlets)
  1. Flat pole connectors with color coding
  2. DIN type connectors according to DIN 43589 also available
  • Output cables
  1. Insulated color marked cables
  2. Prevent short circuit and allow correct and fast installation
  • A full range of accessories that cover almost all needs
  • Suitable for all applications from light to heavy duty
  • Batteries with welded poles and connectors are also available
  1. Permanent and robust connection between  elements
  2. With insulated protective covers

The TUBULAR drive-force batteries are available in several types of voltage configurations and housing dimensions. They can therefore be used in any type of compatible electrical equipment:

  • Forklifts
  • Pallet Jack
  • Cleaning machines
  • Ice resurfacer
  • Electric tractorsful
  • Freight elevator
  • Electric vehicles

Starting with the make and model of the equipment and/or the dimensions of the compartment and the battery layout (photos are helpful), we can make you a proposal for a new set of batteries delivered to you.

Powered by Lithium-Ion Technology

The increasing demands of Material Handling and Logistics Industry as well as the diversity of applications of modern forklifts/ trucks require batteries capable to operate under extreme conditions and run longer. Sunlight Li.ON FORCE motive power range incorporates Sunlight’s vast know-how and long experience in the design & production of Lithium-Ion batteries for advanced applications into a robust product destined for a broad spectrum of industries, including Material Handling and Logistic. A complete range for motive applications of high safety standards. Designed with quality & reliability based on Innovation.

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  • Impressively stable performance under harsh operating conditions.
  • Optimal thermal stability leading to supreme cyclic performance and operation safety.
  • Low enviromental impact as it contains non-toxic, non-contaminating, non-rare earth materials.
  • Maintenance – free
  • Long cycle life up to 4.500 cycles
  • High energy density

Modular design

  • Maximum safety
  • Full monitoring and balancing per cell
  • Robust construction
  • Serviceability

Battery Housing

  • Available in all sizes (standard DIN trays or customized upon request).
  • Retrofit in conventional trays of Lead- Acid powered forklifts
  • Additional compartment designed for counterweight to meet weight requirements
  • Durable housing allowing easy handling
  • Serviceability
  • Flexibility on special demand

Battery Interface

  • Charging selection button: fast –standard-slow (with “ribbon”: sunlight innovation)
  • On-board State of Charge display
  • Single power-ON mounted on the battery
  • Two integrated power plugs for easier recharging without removing the battery from the forklift


  • Overcharging
  • Deep discharge
  • Overcurrent
  • Temperature
  • Short circuit
  • High current fuses (module and battery level)


  • State of Charge SoC,
  • State of Health (SoH) calculation
  • Internal Resistance
  • Errors/ warnings indication
  • Event logging
  • Data logger


  • Balancing function per single cell
  • Sleep mode when the battery remains idle (minimization of self-consumption)


  • Continuous monitoring of all crucial parameters (current, temperature, voltage etc.)


  • State of Charge (SoC) & status indication
  • External touch screen display (optional)
  • Communication with charger


  • BMS certified according to directives: EMC, EMI, RED
  • Designed according to IEC 61508

Active balancing method GLocal Battery Intelligence Βidirectional communication 24/7

  • Battery monitoring
  • Safety
  • Maintenance diagnosis
  • First level maintenance
  • e-mail with warning messages
  • Identification of warning messages
  • change charge options on customers demand
  • Communication in 3 access levels | Sunlight  – Supplier –  Warehouse Manager


  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Evolution
  • Quality
  • Future technology
  • Reliability

Ideal tool for lithium ion batteries leasing Customized

  • eIV (electrical Industrial Vehicles)

Conventional Load

New standard
Reliable and affordable

  • BASIC AMPERAGE with TUBULAR Technology
  • STANDARD Full Warranty
  • Custom dimensions
  • Configuration from 6 to 96 Volts
  • Optional accessories available
  • Eco-responsibiliT Repurchase recycling credit 


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New max capacity
Superior performance

  • OPTIMAL amperage with TUBULAR technology
  • Full Warranty PLUS
  • Custom dimensions
  • Configuration from 6 to 96 Volts
  • Optional accessories available
  • Eco-responsibiliT Repurchase recycling credit 
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Opportunity charge

Quick charge

New in Opportunity Charge Mode
Extended use

  • OPTIMAL amperage with TUBULAR technology
  • Communication module with opportunity charger 
  • Electrolyte and heat management sensors
  • SPECIFIC Full Warranty
  • Custom dimensions
  • Configuration from 6 to 96 Volts
  • Optional accessories available
  • Eco-responsibiliT Repurchase recycling credit 
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New in fast charge mode
Maximum use

  • Improved design for electrical conductivity
  • Communication module with fast charger
  • Electrolyte and heat management sensors
  • LIMITED Warranty
  • Custom dimensions
  • Configuration from 6 to 80 Volts
  • Optional accessories available
  • Eco-responsibiliT Repurchase recycling credit 
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No maintenace

New LI.ON Sunlight Force
Available 24/7

  • Li.ON FORCE SUNLIGHT Technology
  • No maintenance
  • High energy density and long service life up to 4,500 cycles
  • Incredibly stable performance in difficult operating conditions.
  • Optimal thermal stability leading to supreme cyclic performance and operational reliability.
  • Low environmental impact
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New without maintenance
Operational Security

  • Powered by SUNLIGHT MotionGel Series
  • Minimal maintenance cost as it requires no filling throughout its service life
  • No acid leakage, corrosion and contamination hazards
  • Very low gas emissions with recombinant gas valve PzV GEL cells
  • Used in food, pharmaceutical and chemical storage areas
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Monobloc application

Stationary application

New Deep cycle
Semi-traction batteries

  • Robust design, with or without maintenance
  • Electric pallet jack with Integrated charger 
  • Battery powered electric vehicles
  • Cleaning machines
  • Mobility of persons with disabilities
  • Mobile lifting platforms
  • Navy
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Reserve Power
Confidence and stability

  • OPzS | OPzV
  • OGi monoblocks
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