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Accessories for water maintenance or electrolyte

  • Automatic watring systems (Aquapro/ FlowRite/ BWT)
  • Fill hose for watering system with pressure regulator and female connector
  • Gun for direct filling
  • X-Type filling gun
  • 20 L gravity fill tank
  • Water demineralization system
  • Male or female connectors for watering system
  • Tubes
  • Water level indicator lights
  • Hydrometer for density reading
  • Absorbent
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Parts for maintenance or repair of batteries

  • New or used cell
  • Connectors for batteries and chargers
  • Caps (1/4tr / Push-in / Flip)
  • Welded parts for battery repair:
    • New Welded Plate Cell
    • Used EDBI certified welded plate cell from @4 to 5.5H
    • Single or double terminal
    • Positive or negative cone
    • Terminal
    • Shroud
    • Cable
  • Bolted Parts:
    • New bolted tubular cell
    • Used tubular cell bolted EDBI certified from @4 to 5.5H
    • Bolted Wired Intercel
    • Bolts
    • Bolted cable
  • Battery Service Equipment
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Various accessories for battery and charger

  • Charger parts
  • Single or double battery conveyors
  • Battery hoist
  • Battery operated extractors
  • Battery module for charge management
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