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Our team of experienced technicians offers you their know-how to solve all your industrial battery or charger problems! You have an urgent need? Our mobile units are equipped to respond quickly to many types of urgent battery and charger repairs!


  • Is your battery not keeping its charge or losing performance quickly?
  • Do you observe overheating or a short circuit in the casing of your battery or charger?
  • Have you knocked over your battery or observed it leaking?
  • Do you need to know the current condition of a single battery or your company’s entire fleet of batteries and chargers?
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  • Do you have an urgent need to get a battery or charger working again?
  • Do you need to change one or more defective cells?
  • Do you have broken cables, connectors or terminals?
  • Does your charger need calibration, diode replacement, or other repairs?
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Optimization of the battery park and charging room

  • Are you looking for a “turnkey” solution for the efficient planning of maintenance, repair and replacement of your battery and charger fleet?
  • Do you want expert advice to make a better short and medium-term budget forecast of your battery and charger repair, maintenance or replacement needs?
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Adjustment and capacity test

  • Would you like to know if your used battery is profitable to repair?
  • Does your battery need a density adjustment?
  • Is your battery too discharged, unbalanced or sulphated?
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  • Your used battery has lost its performance and no longer holds its charge very well?
  • The Eco-longeviT service may be a cost-effective solution to recondition your used battery!
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  • You want to sell and recycle one or more old lead/acid batteries?
  • You are a distribution center, a multinational, a small business or a reseller of electrical equipment?
  • Take advantage of the Eco-responsibility turnkey service and make a PAYING gesture FOR EVERYBODY!
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Battery Rental

  • Do you have a temporary need for a good battery in the short or medium term?
  • You want to rent a battery while your battery is being tested or repaired?
  • Have you considered lease financing for a long-term rental?
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Maintenance and Service Plan

  • Are you tired of wasting valuable time maintaining and repairing your batteries or chargers?
  • Is it very important for your business to prevent battery or charger breakdowns that cause loss of time and money?
  • Do you want to optimize the useful life of your batteries or chargers?
  • Do you have recurring maintenance needs?
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  • Need help installing or removing a battery or charger?
  • Do you want to install a battery replacement system?
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  • Are you looking for a practical training program tailored to your battery and charger needs?
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